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Pain Relief For The Holiday Season

Techniques to relieve the pain from fibromyalgia this thanksgiving

How To Spot an Internet Health Scam

So, you’re looking for information on fibromyalgia…what’s the first step? You probably start, like the rest of the modern world, on Google. But type fibromyalgia into google, and you’ll get roughly 8 million pages of information that, on the surface, all seem to match what you’re looking for….

Pain Killer – “Fibromyalgia Lawyer”

Getting disability while suffering from fibromyalgia can be no joke. That doesn’t mean the lawyers that are trying to “assist” aren’t calling for a little humor. Here’s a mock commercial of a lawyer, “dabbling” in fibromyalgia, trying to film his first attempt at getting you the disability you deserve…

Top 10 Worst Moments to Get Fibro Fog

Fibro Fog…
You hear all about it. It’s like someone flipping a switch and turning your mind numb. In more mild cases, it might just be easiest to laugh off and joke about it with the rest of the family (chances are they’ll beat you to it). Fibro fog, or basic cognitive dysfunction, is just one [...]

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